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Tips to Write an Impactful Personal Narrative Essay


A narrative essay is an academic essay type in which the writer shares a story or an experience regarding the topic. Unlike other essay types, a narrative essay is a bit informal in nature as it involves stories and is drafted only to entertain the audience. If you find it hard to structure your essays, you can always get help from professional college essay writing service. They will assist you to create a perfect piece of document in no time. 

However, a narrative essay is capable of going further. A writer can share personal experiences and stories in the larger theme, such as lessons learned and how the perceptions changed. 


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A personal narrative essay is a type of narrative essay that includes the author’s personal observations, experiences, and ideas regarding objects and subjects. This essay narrates an engaging story and its significance to influence the audience. 

Students often get assigned this assignment type for their academics to get evaluated for their writing and analyzing skills. So drafting this essay correctly is essential to get respectable grades. 

Knowing the writing process of a document is not enough. Similarly, being familiar with the writing procedure of a narrative essay will not be fruitful if you do not emphasize the small technicalities. 

If you wish to create a compelling personal narrative essay, try to focus on the followings things and use the tips provided;


Choose an Interesting Essay Topic

Finding a great topic is the first and foremost step to take when writing a personal narrative essay. Think of all the interesting events and incidents in your life to come up with an exciting topic idea. 

Once you have an exact event in mind, analyze what were the lessons learned. The lessons will pave the path for you to have a strong topic for your narrative essay. 


Focus on the Structure of your Essay 

For a narrative essay, there are no universal rules to structure it, but a traditional essay outline can be used.

For the introduction section of this essay, provide information that will highlight the essence of your essay and your point of view. Make the introduction paragraph extremely interesting to make sure that the audience is eager to know what happens next. 

After introducing the topic, draft the body of your narrative essay clearly. Share all the important details of the event including the people and settings. 

The body paragraphs can share information in chronological order or in the order of importance depending on the writer’s choice. 

The last paragraph of your narrative essay should conclude your discussion. Tie all loose ends by summarizing the major points about lessons or ideas in the essay. Give something to the audience to remember you by. 

Read to Yourself First 

To make sure that your essay is appealing to the audience, read it to yourself first. Listen to yourself and analyze whether the placement of the information is correct and the content is understandable for the readers or not. 

If you are unable to hook yourself, chances are that your readers might not like your document. So keep a smooth flow and clarity in the content of your personal narrative essay. 


Use Small Elements to Make the Essay Attractive 


To make your stories and experiences interesting for others, use detailings in expressing yourself. Give physical descriptions to elements of the story to create a picture in your reader’s head. 


Moreover, the writer should also present anecdotes, dialogues, and quotes to make the essay content more natural and relatable. It is essential to keep in mind to only share relevant quotes and anecdotes. 


Use Transition Words 

Not sure how to bring a smooth flow in your essay? Using transition words between paragraphs to link ideas can bring a logical flow to the essay. These words will act as a binding force to connect all the information making the text readable for the readers. If you need help ask a writer to write my paper.


Use Different Types of Sentences 

A narrative essay is all about sharing experiences creatively. This can also be done by using different types of sentences to describe and share multiple ideas and stories. 

A writer should break the monotony and use sentences such as compound, complex, or interrogative to make the document exciting. 


Choose Correct Vocabulary 

The choice of words plays a great role in the overall success of your narrative essay. As the writer has only words to paint a picture in the reader’s mind, the words should be descriptive, lively, full of emotions, and precise. 

Expert writers of any legit essay writing service will always advise you to be good at saying what you exactly want. And this only comes with choosing relevant and appropriate wordings. 


Revise your Essay

After writing your narrative essay or any type of document, proofread it at least thrice. Highlight all the points and things that you find unimportant or are extra in the content.

Moreover, look for mistakes and errors in spellings, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and syntax to make sure that the essay is flawless. If you witness mistakes, fix them before submitting the assignment to the instructor. 

Professionals suggest always revising your documents with a fresh eye. Instead of rechecking the essay right after completing it, take some time, relax, and then proofread with a fresh mind. This will allow you to identify mistakes better. 

Following the above-mentioned tips will let you draft a winning piece of the essay. Personal narrative essays are only read by the audience if they are well drafted and appealing. 

Make sure to fulfill all the basic requirements of the assignment in your document to impress your instructor. If you are getting help from an writing service, ask them to write my essay, and ensure everything is created according to the instructions. 

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