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Professionalism and Ethics
Professionalism deals with the development, monitoring, and maintenance of procedures to ensure that the needs of professional staff are met. Ethics includes identifying, monitoring, and disseminating codes of professional conduct; understanding the implications of ethical decisions, providing procedures to monitor standards of behavior within the organization; and determining, maintaining, and monitoring accountability procedures.
Code of Ethics
Posted by: Jaconna Tiller on September 17, 2012 at 11:50PM EST

Many executives would benefit from a current review of the ACHE's Code of Ethics.  While they are constructed to guide and influence - they are also quite valuable in being a reminder of our roles and responsibilities as executives to the communities that we serve.  We have the privilege of serving patients and their families on a 24/7 basis - 365 days a year.  With that privilege comes the responsibility to "facilitate the resolution of conflicts that may arise when values of patients and their families differ from those of employees and physicians." 

It would be the easy way and quicker to quote policy and procedure...but that would not demonstrate ethical behavior - which recognizes that we are dealing with people's lives - not widgets. And each individual deserves the respect of being recognized as an individual with their own set of values, beliefs, religion, and culture.  I have experienced many executives that wear blinders, because to do the right thing - takes time!  Great read....


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Posted by: Susanne Feret on September 20, 2012 8:47AM EST
I agree. I report to the CEO and it is interesting to see how he deals with ethical decisions that also require trust, relationship-building, financial stewardship, motivation and acceptance. I've learned alot on how to handle ethical decision-making. He does take the ACHE code to heart.